The White Building


The White Building is an innovative social project that aims at facilitating the reintegration of inmates and ex-inmates into society. It is a space of transition where its participants will carry out a work experience during or after their sentence, in collaboration with qualified professionals. Based on creativity and work, this project aims at helping the participants to find their own personal interests and strengths, while developing concrete skills matching the professional world’s expectations. The ultimate goal of The White Building is a successful, lasting return to society.


An inmate should be the main actor of his reinsertion, and that his time before being free should be used to focus on a future full of possibilities, by finding out what really interests him, and what his qualities are. To adapt our concept to reality, we set goals to the project: giving time and space for the participants to envision their personal wishes and set goals for the future, providing them with a stimulating and positive input in order to find those interests, accomplishing their re-integration with a more diverse network than the one currently in place, working at a long term, stable and independent situation after their release by hooking them with a professional plan. In order to make our recipe efficient in its practice, we thought of setting strong values to involve the inmates into finding their own path: at The White Building, we work as equals, we do things as a team, and we trust each other.


Concretely, The White building is a recipe applied into short projects called residencies. Together with a guest designer, we work with the participants to make ideas blossom into objects, spaces and experiences which are both meaningful and useful. Each residency has a different topic and lasts 4 weeks of 3 days of work. We work on creating ideas and make them in real material and size. This program is designed to trigger the participants skills but also make them learn to be responsible of time, material, group dynamics, budget and presentation to the outside world. Ultimately, each residency is finalized by an exhibition during which we show our work and process and propose an experience to partners, family and professional networks. This is also a time to organize interviews between the inmates and entrepreneurs who work in the field of their skills.


Regarding each residency, the format of the program follows four steps: research, concept, translation and implementation; followed by a conclusion week.